Illuminate LED™ is a revolutionary LED phototherapy device. Illuminate  uses 1800 LEDs because with 1800 LEDs you complete the treatment in less  time. Other panels have 100, 200, or maybe 300 LEDs. With 1800 LEDs we  can run each at a lower power. Lower power means less heat and longer  life. Other panels either have a large heat sink or a very small number  of LEDs without a heat sink. Illuminate is light weight, thin, flexible  and powerful. The revolutionary, patent-pending, design of Illuminate  not only makes it very thin but also provides a number of wonderful  benefits. Browse the details here on our website and contact us to  discover Illuminate's differentiated benefits.  


  • 5 minute treatment time (5000 Joules total in five minutes. 5 to 10 times other panels!)
  • 3 Joules/cm2/seconds (0.5 to 6 joules is considered optimal for skin rejuvenation)
  • 1800 cm2
  • Deep red 660nm – the most studied wavelength for skin rejuvenation
  • Uniform energy in the first three inches –  nose, cheeks, and chin get the same amount of energy!
  • 1800 Red LEDs – $1800
  • Five-year warranty

Proprietary and Patent-Pending.  

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