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UV-C Sterilization 99.99% disinfection

  VioUv is an ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilization light used to safely disinfect spaces and protect business owners, staff and patrons from germs, viruses, and bacteria. The user-friendly device provides a safe and healthy environment for your business and can achieve 99.99% room disinfection in a short time. 

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My passion is helping my customers grow their business. I do the research on the latest, greatest in aesthetics so you can spend time focusing on your patients.

Products & Devices

Highest Quality

Anything you are looking for we can find.  We do the research so you don't have to.  We have the latest, greatest in the aesthetic market to help you grow your business and retain your clients


PureSpin PRP® 

Rejuvapen NXT® 


Zimmer Zwave




Zeus Plasma Pen


The Perfect Derma™ Peel


CryoLab Aesthetics®


Transdermal Patches

Rezenerate ™


LED panel


Baby Foot® 


Dew Puff™


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Why Choose Us


"Marla's customer service is outstanding!  She is always quick to respond, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond for her clients.  

Marla is a pleasure to work with.”

Julie Ricottone

Director of Esthetics

Haber Dermatology

 “I have had a professional business relationship with  Marla  for over four years. She is very informative and knowledgeable about the products that she represents.  I feel comfortable that she has thoroughly researched these products, and stays up with the latest beauty  devices and technology.” 

Tamara Rees

Mirabella Spa 

 "Marla always offers the not just the latest but truly the greatest products and technologies! I can always count on her knowledge and expertise. Wonderful customer service!"

Rachel Fink(Shoaff) | Medical Aesthetician |Aesthetic Coordinator| Surgery Scheduler | Akron General Plastic Surgeons  

"Marla is not your typical aesthetic rep. She is very smart, and really knows her products. She does the research so you don’t have to! Her customer service is top notch and she is always available for questions or training sessions."


Dr. Jennifer Levin Popovsky, MD

Dermatology, General Surgery  

 "Marla is one of the most dedicated people always looking for the next new exciting item to add to the world of Esthetics. The care she gives to her customers is wonderful and truly from the heart."


Marie Piantino President AAEG


“I highly recommend Marla. Marla is always bringing the newest technology and products to our practice, helping us stay ahead in the Aesthetic Derm business. She is available whenever I need her and immediately responds to my calls, texts or emails. If I have a product or device question, she knows the answer, and if not, gets the answer quickly. I never have to worry about orders because she takes care of everything from start to finish.” 

Betsy Goodrum, Medical Aesthetician 

Apex Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center.  


"I have had the pleasure of working with Marla for over 10 years .

She is always extremely knowledgeable and up to date with both her devices and products. If I have any questions she is readily available and quick to answer.

Her medical devices have brought me both financial success with my business and my patients are very happy with their results.  I have enjoyed my professional relationship with Marla, which is why I choose to work with her time and time again."   

Aesthetic Director

Andrea Fenda

“Marla is an awesome sales rep who has gone out of her way to help me. She’s always available to take orders, answer questions and goes out of her way to come to the office when I need her! She carries the products that I need, and I receive my orders quicker than other companies. Keep up the good work Marla! I really appreciate you!”

 Susan – Licensed Advanced Medical Aesthetician 

Gregory Fedele M.D.


“Marla has always been so great to work with. She always responds promptly  to emails and places our orders fast and efficiently. She is always there for our practice when we need her!  Thanks Marla.”

Rani Isbell 

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Columbus Medical Aesthetician

  "Marla is very helpful, Always responsive, great communication skills not to mention a great line of products"

Shaza Daoud M.D.


“Marla is a very knowledgeable and up to date on all the products and equipment in this ever changing industry. Not only is Marla a pleasure to work with but I trust the information that she is giving me. Marla has always made sure that I have what I need when I need it to  provide the best patient care possible. Thank you Marla for your sincere dedication to your clients and this industry.”  

Nicole Samsa  Lead Medical Esthetician  MetroHealth Dermatology and  SPRY your personal primacy care solution. 

"Marla has been great to work with.  She is always quick to respond to emails and handles all issues with promptness, and to our satisfaction." 

 Samantha Well
Inventory and Purchasing Supervisor
Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery 

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